Greetings Minions!


21st May 2012:

We have a new 'Remix' area set up on the site now. If you fancy remixing a NecroNath track, click on the 'Remix' option and download the song components for FREE!.

11th May 2012:

Ladies, Gents and Other...

As you know, I have been planning to create a music video for my song 'Rock the Party iLLuminati' for some time. I have now planned the video and wish to take the next step by securing location, actors, props, make up etc...

As you probably understand, to do this right, all these things cost money... money which I haven't got.

As a result, I have created a 'Crowed Funding' project page.

Although the £3k target may seem a lot, it really isn't when you look at the cost of venue and equipment hire coupled with insurance and other unknowns.

Please please please... if you are feeling generous and want to play a part in this great venture, you can donate via the links below.

There are some decent incentives on there so go take a look and spread the word!

Thank you all in advance:

Click here to help!

3rd May 2012:

NecroNath - Nations of Tricks and Stealth is Out NOW!

You can download it from any online store inclding the usual iTunes, Amazon, Tesco etc...

In other news, I am currently planning the filming a video for 'Rock the Party iLLuminati'. The release of this video will co-incide with a UK tour so watch this space!

3rd April 2012:

NecroNath's new EP 'Nations of Tricks and Stealth' will be available to buy from all good online retailers (iTunes, Amazon etc...) within the next few weeks. You can still download the EP for FREE from however if you can not afford to buy from retailers.

If you are in the promo business (radio, DJ, TV, magazines etc...) and you wish to be sent the new EP as a CD, please email to arrange.

23rd March 2012:

Listen to our friends at Infernal Radio by clicking here

IRR is a station built by the fans for the fans. Get listening and show your support for the alternative scene. Also, get involved with the online chat.

10th March 2012:

Listen to the new NecroNath song 'Tesing Time' today!

14th February 2012:

Watch a teaser for the forthcoming video for NecroNath's "Rock the Party... iLLuminati"

He has a lust for the darkness of life. Cold, calculated and twisted, NecroNath wants to assault your mind with sickening thoughts.

From the ancient Roman city of Chester (UK,England), NecroNath has created a new genre of creepy, dark, electronic, melodic industrial sounds which is becoming widely referred to as Creeptronic.

With lyrical influences from classic films,literature and politics, combined with a sound unlike many other bands (although displaying a clear inspiration from bands such as Type O Negative, Rammstein, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan etc...), NecroNath's theatrical style will appeal to most fans of Industrial, Metal and horror.

Despite having a clearly unique sound and style, NecroNath is currently searching for band members to bring his music to live audiences.

Potential band members must be prepared to perform well and with style, incorporating live theatrics and video in their delivery.

If anyone is interested, message Necro via:

Be seeing you!